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Registering SIM cards with Lyca Mobile

Recently the Anti-terrorist Act has become effective. The Act imposes an obligation on operators to register Prepaid SIM cards. Lyca Mobile has prepared solutions, which will allow you to register your SIM card in convenient and fast way.

How do I register my new SIM card?
You can register your new Lyca Mobile SIM in one of our many retail points (click here to search for a store).

Questions and answers about the SIM card registration

Why do I need to register my SIM card?

Due to the Anti-Terrorism Act, introduced on the 1st of November 2016, mobile operators must collect data from users. The Act, which applies to all operators, means without registration a new SIM card cannot be activated.

I am underage. How do I register my SIM card?

The minimum legal age for SIM registration in Belgium is 12 years old. If you are under 12, a parent or guardian must complete the registration.

What information do I need to provide when registering my SIM card?

First name


Date of birth

Valid Belgium address

Lyca Mobile number or PUK code

Last 4 digits of ICCID number (found on the SIM card holder)

Proof of identity, e.g. ID card number, passport (non-Belgium citizens) or a resident permit

I already have an active Lyca Mobile SIM card. Do I still have to register?

Yes. All existing Lyca Mobile SIM card users in Belgium will receive an SMS notification asking them to register their SIM card. By law, all SIM cards have to be registered by no later than 07/06/2017.

What will happen if I do not register my SIM card?

In accordance with the Anti-Terrorism Act, all SIM cards that have not been registered by 07/06/2017 will be permanently blocked. This means you will lose your number and any credit on the account.

Is my data protected?

All data collected by Lyca Mobile is protected under the Protection of Personal Data Act.

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