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Belgium Plan XL - 60GB SIM Data Plan

Plan L



50GB + 50 GBOffline Data 30GB

UnlimitedLyca to Lyca Minutes

100Lyca to Lyca minutes from Belgium to Ukraine Kyivstar

25minutes to other Ukraine networks

Unlimited**Minutes Morocco IAM & INWI

EU Roaming

Choose Your Plan Duration

30 Days
75% Discount with SIM
30€ 7.5€
3 Months
23% OFF
90€ 58€
6 Months
27% OFF
180€ 109€
12 Months
32% OFF
360€ 204€

Include Landline & Mobile

  • Ukraine Ukraine
  • Ukraine Kyivstar Ukraine Kyivstar

Include Landline & Mobile

  • Ukraine Ukraine

Include Landline & Mobile

  • Morocco IAM & INWI Morocco IAM & INWI

Exclusively online: 50GB + 50GB Data
This plan offers you 100GB data, unlimited minutes & texts for 30 days. After these 30 days, your bundle allowance expires and you are free to purchase the same or a different plan. You are not tied to anything. Every 30 days you have the flexibility and freedom to switch from bundle without cost or obligations.

Free Double Data
Enjoy our Double Data offer while you can. Get 100GB data when you purchase online.
*When purchasing this plan at any location outside online (such as a retail store, by short code or voucher), you receive 30GB data on 4G. The 50GB and Double Data offer of 100GB is only applicable by purchase via the Lyca Mobile website.

**Extra offer: unlimited minutes to call up to 10 different numbers in Morocco IAM & INWI

Discount for new customers
Receive 75% discount when you order a SIM with plan. The discount price is on top of the Double Data offer. Turn on your auto-renewal and enjoy the super low price of €7,50 p/m for another 2 months. When auto-renewal is turned off, your bundle ends after 30 days and you pay the regular price.

Bundle Price:
New customers SIM with Bundle: €7,50
Regular Bundle price: €30

100GB Data from €20.40
Monthly Plan 50GB is a preloaded plan. This plan is paid upfront for a duration of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Every 30 days the bundle will automatically renew itself with 30GB data, unlimited minutes & texts for the duration of your choice.

Exclusive offer only available online:
3 Months = equivalent to €23 /month
6 Months = equivalent to €21.85 /month
12 Months = equivalent to €20.40 /month
The longer the duration, the better the offer.

Monthly Plan
With a Lycamobile monthly plan you are not tied to anything. Once the complete duration has passed, you are free to switch from bundle, take a break or purchase the same preloaded plan. You have the flexibility and control over your mobile spendings. No cancellation time, No obligations. This plan is offered for all customers.

Unlimited national minutes and texts are subject to a fair usage policy of 300 minutes and 250 texts per day or 3000 minutes and 3000 texts per month (30 days), whichever is earlier. Unlimited minutes and texts from Lycamobile to Lycamobile in Belgium are subject to a fair usage policy of 300 minutes and 250 texts per day or 3000 minutes and 3000 texts per month (30 days), whichever is earlier.

Lyca data sharing
Now available, a plan that allowes you to share data with the people in your world. Share up to 1GB data to max 3 of your Belgium Lycamobile friends. The data shared can be used untill your 30 day bundle expires. To receive the data, your friends must have a minimum balance of 1ct.

How does it work?
1. Dial *172# from your Lyca SIM and you’ll see your data sharing balance
2. Enter your friend’s mobile number including the country code (+32)
3. Enter the MB you’d like to share and your friend will receive your gift!

EU Roaming Data
This plan has a roaming data cap of 24,8GB data to be used in the EU/EEA countries. If you use up your roaming allowance, you’ll then be charged €4.235 per 1GB until you reach your fair usage limit. If you use up your national data, you’ll then be charged our standard pay as you go rates.
EU/EEA roaming services are enabled for customers travelling for short stay such as a holiday or short business trip.

Please note all new Lycamobile simcard orders must be first registrated and activated in Belgium within 2 weeks in order to receive the bundle, top-up and promotion purchase.

The Double Data offer is valid up to 31/10/2022. The 75% price discount offer is valid up to 30/11/2022

Existing customers: Dial *139*9025# and follow the instructions on the screen or Text 9025 to 3535

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